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The Rock Big Ups Tech On Twitter And Plays ‘Hood Go Crazy’ On ‘Ballers’

Published: August 3, 2015 in Tech N9ne by

The Rock Tech N9ne

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to show his support and fandom of the King of Independent Hip Hop: the one and only Tech N9ne.

The Rock is currently enjoying a successful run on the HBO show Ballers, starring as a retired football player turned financial advisor. The “NFL version of Entourage” has enjoyed critical acclaim and ratings, earning a second season on the network.

On the recent episode “Ends”, the show featured Tech N9ne’s song “Hood Go Crazy” from his breakthrough album Special Effects. The Rock took to Twitter to represent his fandom for Tech N9ne after a fan pointed out the song’s inclusion on the hit series.

Tech then took to Twitter to show his appreciation for The Rock’s continued support.

  • What do you think of the song’s inclusion on Ballers?

Let us know in the comments below!



  • sean wilks

    the funny thing is, i have Tech albums older than the rocks career!! no disrespect to the Rock though..big ups.

  • Colin McGregor

    What does that have to do with anything?

  • sean wilks

    Well colon, it means tech has been around longer, and has a more prolific career. it should not be that big a deal. hes just another dude listening to a rap vet. how we know the rock hasnt been listening since anghellic? you seem to be trolling for a fight. all i was stating was a minute point. but im sure you will find something to say.

  • Colin McGregor

    HAHA did I hurt your feelings with my question? Its so funny when people are so “educationally limited” that they resort to insults when they can’t form a valid response. I asked a simple question and you get all offended. Go take your pills and relax. If I knew you were such an uptight child I wouldn’t have even commented. Good day, I’m not ruining my day arguing with nobody.

  • sean wilks

    does my statement hurt YOUR feelings? your the one on the defensive. lol. i said nothing negative and you chime in with your lame excuse to show you can act like a child. your question was simple, and i answered it appropriately, and valid. you are a sorry troll, searching for a fight. i have no time for your petty whining and attempts to come off smart, when in fact your just a Keyboard cowboy. get a life and grow up. let the grown ups talk…..Boy.

  • Strangemusicfan13

    Dude yesssssss!!!! Big Time ownage

  • Boomer Chamberlin

    Actually The Rock has been listening to Tech for a long time so has Vin Diesel both have went on record they listen to Tech while in the Gym


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