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Duluth Fan Returns Livestrong Bracelet To Tech N9ne

Published: October 1, 2010 in Strange Music, Tech N9ne by

As previously reported, during the Independent Grind Tour’s show at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, Minnesota, Tech N9ne had his Livestrong Bracelet stolen from a fan after stage diving into the crowd. We reported the incident the next day in a tour update. As it turns out Jeff Studenski, the fan, made the college newspaper of his university with the incident. Unaware that he had stolen a bracelet given to Tech N9ne from a Denver friend who died of cancer, he mailed it back to Strange Music HQ. The story “Concert-goer learns lesson” references this blog, and ends on the note:

“It wasn’t my intent to cause any harm. I wanted something to remember the concert. I still feel like a winner because if I had gone home that night without the bracelet, Tech N9ne would have never known who I am. Now he knows,” Studenski said.

Lesson learned? Click here for the full story from the University of Duluth Statesman.

  • Taz9mm

    yea and he knows your a jackass and a thief you want something to remember the concert buy a fucking tshirt

  • Dragon_56431

    fucking fagget who the fuck steals shit from tech n9ne?

  • Steve

    Who steals shit period from anybody going to a concert? What Taz said, buy a shirt, a CD, or get your ticket signed by some of the artists who walk around the venue when it’s not their set. C’mon man, grow the fuck up.

  • Bc_harrelson

    needs his ass kikd…disrespectful lil bitch…maybe he needs a kc stompin to get his mind right

  • Fdjfds

    How is his mind not right? If his mind wasn’t right he wouldn’t have returned the bracelet. Dumbass.

  • srhrider

    shouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. thats how his mind is not right. looks like you need a kc stompin too. bitch.

  • Fdjfds

    Because I said his mind was right for returning the bracelet? Hmm, whatever makes you happy.

  • People that make threats on the internet sound like children. Sorry, the toughness you’re trying to convey gets lost in the binary. What are you gonna do? Track him down? Rofl.

  • Tolle141

    Threatening on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics… even if you win, you’re still retarded. Atleast he returned it. Grow up while you’re talking about it…

  • kera

    omg,are you for real?i honestly get why tech would be up set over his bracelet,what i dont get is this krazy kid freakin out doin dumb shit just to get noticed!glad he had returned it to its rightful owner iam sure it ment tha world to tech…there ya go kidoe…ur 2sec.of fame..at tha cost of tech’s feelings..happy now winner?

  • seamstress

    People who pass judgement on those who make threats on the internet sound pretentious and weak. The lack of toughness is highly pixelated…rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf

  • who cares

    hahahah thats funny as shit

  • Kfmack

    you spelled faggot wrong dumbass.

  • Fuzzys420


  • Ah.

    Rolf? People who can’t spell need to go back to school? xD I love how this chain of correcting the comments of the previous person is working xD!

  • DudeDownTheBlock

    Wow guys, I know Studenski personally and can tell you without a doubt that he just found a bracelet.

  • STALE!

  • stale 1 (stl)
    adj. stal·er, stal·est
    1. Having lost freshness, effervescence, or palatability


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