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Fans Respond To ‘Ego Trippin’ [Social]

Published: November 15, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Although the track “Ego Trippin'” has only been out for a day, fans are already chiming in to voice their opinion about the latest leak from the upcoming Bad Season mixtape. Here’s some of what we found:

TechN9ne Ego Trippin = fire
“@DJWhooKid Oh Damn! Big Ups on the Ego Trippin Track! S/O 2 @TechN9nefor bringin tha heat!”
“@TechN9ne man the EGO Trippintrack is banging! Let’s get the mixtape already, TECH N9NE!”
This shit is hotttttttt.”
” Im glad the @TechN9ne @DJWhooKidmixtape fell through. Listening to the new track Whoo Kid leaked and the beat SUCKS! Its not #Strange to me”
“this song is crazy dope. And wow i’ve never heard Krizz sound like that before. If that’s even Krizz?????????? lol”
@techn9ne the beat for ego trippin is TOO soft for you.”
“@michaelasper This new @TechN9ne& @KrizzKaliko song ‘Ego Trippin’ is the shit..”
“Ego Trippin by @techn9ne is sick as hell…… NEVER LET DOWN! TECHNICIAN!!!!!!!!!”
This is the type of Tech N9ne music I miss.
“Wow…tech is gonna make a huge mark in the mixtape world…”
“!st time I heard it, thought, this is dope! Now looking forward to Bad Season x’s 1000!”

“@ Response:

YO Fif…SIGN TECH N9NE TO THE UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
greatest rapper the mainstream never heard of…always amazing”
“Tech N9ne is the s*** i dont understand why he gets no attention
Finnaly the greatest rapper alive get some attention on this site!!!!!!”
Tech is a top 5 mc no doubt dude is dope as f*** and I cant wait for this tape glad to see it didnt get canceled.”

  • Ego Trippin IS STRAIGHT FIRE. As always Tech’s delivery, flow, and lyrics are 100 PLUS.

  • Love it! One again, lyrically genius!

  • Wyzykowe

    i just hate whoo kids dj sounds. i think hes annoying

  • Whoop

    Just remember, once you make the music for the money and not the music, you will burn in hell for selling out.

  • techn9cian4life

    Sign Tech to the Unit??? God I hope not. Lol.

  • Whoop you are fucking retarded!! So called Tech fan talkin shit, Whoop quit hatin man, you just mad because you aint gettin that dough. Music is Tech’s hustle, he is makin money and doing what he loves. Just stop hatin

  • One of Tech’s best flows in a while!

  • Another amazing lyrical concoction from Strange Music’s Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

  • Poetic_injustice13

    song is the raw shit


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