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The ‘Choppers’ Songs By The Numbers [Infographic]

Published: May 29, 2013 in Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne by

Choppers Infographic

Have you ever wondered who spits the most syllables per second in “Worldwide Choppers”? Of course you have.

Look no further than this infographic sent to us by Ben Luschen, dedicated fan and Technician.

Here you have every Choppers song broken down by

  • The emcee
  • Syllables per word
  • Syllables per second

This is hip hop broken down to a science!

Click on the photo below to check it out!

Choppers Infographic

  • What do you think of the results?
  • Are they what you expected?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • I’d love to see the looks on some artists’ faces when they read this. Would be amazing if that video would still happen.

  • Esencee

    Tech n9ne and Twista go pretty fast and we need more tracks like Worldwide Choppers. Is Ceza gonna take place in the music video if you ever shoot one ?

  • that is bad ass. Man JL went heads up with busta rhymes on syl/sec and beat him on syl/word. and twisted insane killed everybody on syl/sec. i guess you gotta give some respesct to the ones who have a high multisylabics though.

  • Spencer Nair

    Just so everyone knows, this is AVERAGE syllables per second, NOT the fastest they go. I know because I’ve checked into this myself.. Twista goes the fastest on WWC with 15 syllables a second(this doesn’t include those who speak different languages, as they count syllables differently). The fastest I’ve ever managed to find for Tech is 12.9 on welcome to the midwest.

  • Spencer Nair

    check out my comment above, when you look at fastest PARTS instead of average, twisted insane actually was one of the slowest(even though it doesn’t really sound like it) and twista was the fastest.

  • uh.

    D-loc got really underrated here…


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