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Tech N9ne Asks Fans Who They Want Him To Collab With, Fans Respond By The Thousands [Social]

Published: June 6, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Collabos?

Tech N9ne’s Something Else promises to have the most genre-bending and explosive collaborations of his entire career.

In anticipation for this groundbreaking release, Tech went on Facebook to ask his fans who he should collaborate with. The response was overwhelming to say the least, with almost 10,000 responses from the fans ranging from rock and roll acts to rappers to some straight-up inappropriate answers.

Here are just some of the suggestions we gathered:



“Mac Lethal”


“my butthole”

“Will fucking smith”

“Army of the pharohs”

“Maynard James Keenan”

“madchild or raekwon”

“Jonathon Davis from KoRn!!”

“Serj Tankian”


“Imma say Macklemore, when you listen to something other than Thrift Shop; the kid is DEEP.”

“Game & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony!!!!”

“Sevendust. Would be pretty intetesting hearing you rap alongside LJ’s melodic voice and their bass heavy metal sound”

“A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar”

“I know this sounds weird but I think your creativity and styles could produce a filthy song/album with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien! Tech N9NE in the future with Deltron 3030 could start a multidimensional revolution haha, anyway just a thought”

“Avenged sevenfold”

“childish gambino!”

“My butt”

“Tyler Cassidy a.k.a. krispy kreme”

“Nas…. That would b the shit for real.”

“Method Man”

“Tupac hologram!”

We could go on and on but that just goes to show you the wide-range of fans that Tech N9ne has in Strangeland. Anything goes when it comes to a musical collaboration. Evidence of this is sure to surface in Tech N9ne’s biggest album of his career: Something Else.


Tech N9ne - Something Else

  • Who do you want to see Tech N9ne collaborate with?

Sound off in the comments section below.

  • Alex Alebertt

    Goddamn right he should colab with childish gambino. Imagine the intricate crazy nerdy lyrics it would most definitely produce.

  • NewJerseyTechSquad


  • Brohoodofsteel75

    Busdriver! He’s a chopper too! From LA!

  • Amityvillain

    Yo I thought Brohood was talking about the bus driver who uppercuted that chick lmao but all seriousness Madchild and Eminem on one track

  • Tight Ray

    Wrekonize – Freak (Feat. Tech N9ne) – Official Music Video

  • Tight Ray

    Tech N9ne – So Dope

  • jesselyn

    Macklemore or mgk. that would be the shit. either of the two.

  • jesselyn

    Or an underground artist by the name of brabo gator. that would be raw. look into his music and you will be pleased

  • Dan

    Since Tech says his fave artist that’s not in Strange Music is Ace Hood, why not try to get a collab in the works?

  • ace

    50 cent or earl sweatshirt

  • Ladd Lacrosse

    I’m still saying Death Grips kid

  • Truth100%

    vinnie paz .. how hasnt this happened already ? Tyler The creator,Vinnie Paz only 2 in the rap game id want to see on a track with tech.. the rest is filla

  • Truth100%

    lame as fuck..theres a reason that dude broke and unpopular..

  • Cameron Swisher

    Diabolic or Shy One

  • Prospect

    How are the not gunna have Eligh or Tonedeff on this list? I know for a fact Tech fans been waitin on both those for years.

  • gibbz

    Immortal technique, Vinnie paz

  • Chronedout4191

    Andre Nicatina, Spice 1, Celly Cel, Mac Mall or X-Raided. Need I say more

  • Will Pattie

    In This Moment

  • Christipher Koonz

    Illogic, Murs, Blueprint, Slug, RITTZ, and WREKONIZE.

  • Rich Williams

    The Psycho Realm, The Demigodz, Zakk Wylde of black label society, Living Colour and Bad Brains. and if he were still living another Roger Troutman Collabo

  • Christipher Koonz

    Shit, yall should do a song with all Strange on the roll call. Then have ANOTHER song collabing with artists that are no longer with the label. I.e. Cognito, maybe grab Mike E. Clark, Liquid Assassin, bring in Snug and Skatterman. THAT WOULD BE DOPE.

  • rlw3333

    DMX!! when you guys going to release the tracklist so I can find out if that happened yet or not I realllllly hope it did

  • rlw3333

    pretty sure mgk will happen tech was on lace up now mgks gotta be on something else its only fair!

  • HAHA

    Goddam fuckin Honey Cocaine

  • hagar

    Tim from as I lay dying……if he doesnt go to jail for being RETARD

  • hagar

    Or kush that would be a pretty dope collaboration

  • Avery

    What About Datsik? Switch it up!

  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott

    singer of lamb of god be sweet, maybe manson, as long as its “SOMETHING ELSE”

  • Marcus Schumacher

    Serj would be good, but System of a Down is back together after their hiatus, if I remember correctly, which would be awesome if they would do a song with Tech, but I’d settle for the Flying Cunts of Chaos, they’re still amazing. Apart from that, how about The Geto Boys, Wu-Tang Clan (R.I.P. ODB!), overall KoRn, not just Jonathan Davis, honestly, there’s alot of people I want Tech to do a collab with! Damn it, good music!

  • Marcus Schumacher


  • cassbear67

    Rob Zombie, dude, for serious!!! That would absolutely be the be-all, end-all, SHIT!!!

  • dylan brett

    Rob zombie!!!!! Shit would b krazzy main!!!!!

  • John Savage

    Jarren Benton

  • Beautiful Song

    Chamillionaire would be legit.

  • william Reese

    who i’d like to see calab is Eminem,Nas,Reakwon,Methodman,Kendrick lamar

  • aleks

    tech n9ne ft wiz khalifa

  • {CoX}{TomeGrown}

    yes, you need to explain who they are…

  • Billy

    Tech should collab with Pitbull, the choppa style and partying lyrics would mesh well

  • Suomynona

    OK, here’s some I think you should collab with: Tonedeff, Bizzy Bone (If he still actually does stuff), Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Enter Shikari, Trivium, Eminem, Twisted Insane or Crucified.

  • Natalie McAnulla

    i want more with skat, snug and trina. classic ass shit right thar.

  • Natalie McAnulla

    what about biz marc e? beat boxin like no other….:)

  • Mr MGN

    Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Apathy, Vinnie Paz & Killer Mike

  • kjsdklsjak


  • Beaniee

    MGK, Eminem, Skrillex, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Deadmau5, Rob Zombie, Hopsin & Busta Rhymes

  • Fred

    Mac Lethal, Eminem, or Jonathan Davis would be fun 😉

  • Joshua Johnson

    TALIB KWELI !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Johnson


  • Damn


  • Charles

    Yas and Bobby from Dead Celebrity Status!

  • Chronedout4191

    If you have to ask you are unfamiliar with some of the greatest names in the Bay Area besides Lynch

  • Charles

    Oh i have another good one for you. What about Mike Patton????

  • with ghostface killah would be great.

  • Jeremiah G.

    MGK, Jon Davis (Korn), Wacka Flocka Flame, Tyler The Creator, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Wayne Static, Greg Puciato (Error, Dillenger Escape Plan), Jason Butler (letlive), Tyler Carter (ex-Woe Is Me, Issues), Justin Timberlake, AFI, Travis Barker, Blink-182 as a band, Alice Cooper, Cypress Hill, Chris Fronzack (Attila), Sido, Fallout Boy, Bloodhound Gang, Breathe Carolina, Cobra Starship, Damian Marley, Rage Against The Machine, Flobots, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, Lil Jon, LMFAO, MGMT, Trent Reznor, Gwen Stefani, Pierce The Veil, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna, Savage, Seal, Rob Thomas, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Stillwell, Vanilla Ice, Wyclef Jean, and others.

  • Justin

    Skrillex, Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Mac Lethal, Trent Reznor, The Prodigy, A Perfect Circle…

  • Gucci Wallace

    Eminem, Kendrick, and Slaughterhouse

  • sick-edge

    Deuce from Nine Lives

  • James Sneed

    Ice T, six feet under, Rob zombie, hatebreed,

  • Jason Williamson

    i think rob zombie,slipnot,marilyn manson,i would rather see a main stream heavy metal guy instead of main stream rap person cuz techs still is unlike any mainstream rap n when tech hits the mic he makes them look like they have no clue whats goin on haha

  • Chriz S

    Damn… these are all badass suggestions, I would say… Immortal Technique, Mushroomhead, Dirty Wormz… and fuck yeah, Skrillex, maybe Steve Aoki… deadmau5, Kill The Noise… oh and also Excision!! and DESTROID!!

  • Goerge

    Kid Cudi!!! or A$AP Rocky! A colab with Kanye would be something unexpected but could work nicely

  • Guiseppe

    Flatbush Zombies they fireee

  • Salahuddin Jitmoud


  • Rylan Norris

    Kid Cudi, Tinie Tempah, Futuristic, Riff Raff, Chris Webby, Danny Brown, Dizzy Wright, Dumbfounded, Mike Shinoda, Gorillaz, LL Cool J, Logic, The Lonely Island, Ludacris, Tyler The Creator, Red Cafe, Rockie Fresh, Spose, or T.I.

  • Sambo Mac

    Do one with K-RINO!!!!!!!!! Houston Texas! Look him up man 30 years in the fame and you game and going strong!

  • Sambo Mac

    Do one with K-RINO from Houston Texas!
    30 years in the game going strong!!!!

  • betterbslipknotfags


  • Mac-n-Cheese

    Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Rob Zombie for sure!!!! I could totally see Rob willing to collab with you on some deep dark ass shit!

  • Will Pattie

    Another L.O.C collabo would be dope! Just A Girl is sick!

  • Die Antwoord

    Die Antwoord

  • Brandon

    Slipknot would be dopeee if they’re even together anymore. Seri Takian too

  • The Real Gootie

    Lonely island, MGK, Logic, Macklemore, Eminem, Yelawolf, Diabolic, Immortal Tech, skatterman and snug brim, hopsin, NoClue, Jay-Z (Renegade pt.2) , Omar Cruz, El Pacador aka Sinful, Baby Bash, The Whole Regime, Lil Rob, Blind Fury, John Legend, Lebowski, Neff, Ice T, Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Drizzy Wright, Aerosmith, Pitbull, Angel Haze, Key & Peele, The Epic Rap Battles of History guys, Dumbfounded, Tim Delaghetto. Just off the top of my head. Maybe Bone thugs.

  • The Real Gootie

    Childish Gambino too

  • The Real Gootie

    MGK was on the Tech Tour Not tech on his.

  • Jared Kircher

    Inspectah Deck or RZA , Kool G Rap, The Horseshoe Gang, Talib Kweli, DJ Quik, Redman

  • The Real Gootie


  • The Real Gootie

    Big Black and Bam Bam and Bobby Light

  • The Real Gootie

    Chanel westcoast Lol. And Drama

  • The Real Gootie

    Riff Raff

  • The Real Gootie

    Mark Wahlberg

  • The Real Gootie

    Diggy Simmons

  • The Real Gootie

    Yung Roc

  • Mr. Estrada

    Schoolboy Q

  • Harley

    Greydon square, Marilyn Manson, cradle of filth

  • The Real Gootie


  • CJLincoln

    Eminem & Tech N9ne

  • rlw3333

    lace up the album ………………………………………………………

  • The Real Gootie

    Bumpy knuckles, Bone Crusher, Mims

  • Leek

    It’s time to collaborate with Eminem. Even Eminem mentioned Tech N9ne on the Shady Station.

  • Joseph Amen

    how about The Jokerr…haha im kidding..

  • Dan Dan Bleakney


  • Dan Dan Bleakney

    Q-Strange… lol



  • Josua Bourn

    Should do an all strange mix tape collaboration of all artists together.

  • Andrew Lynch

    Collaberate with Phil Anselmo(Pantera,DOWN) Necro & Andre Nickatina. Those guys with Tech would make some BRUTAL music.

  • Jesai

    Mike Stud, Sam Adams, & Snow Tha Product!

  • Piper Harrow


  • Ken

    Lynch is from Sacramento, not the bay area.

  • Ken

    because Ace Hood is garbage.

  • Pnaaaton

    Twisted insane, crooked eye, And tonedef

  • Ken

    Aesop Rock

  • ghill3133

    Slipknot or KISS would be cool!!

  • listen_to_me_TECH


  • skitzo

    do a song with rittz and yelawolf together those two smash when they spit together

  • Christopher Phelps

    I agree collab with dell I loved the one with mayday

  • Christopher Phelps

    Or go with a daft punk collab that would be SOMETHING ELSE

  • Taran Silvia

    I thought Serj got Deported and couldnt come back?

  • Jon Jon Adkins


  • Chronedout4191

    Yeah but he’s rapped with numerious rappers in & around the bay his whole career

  • 405Choppa

    Shoot collab with Kulprit D ‘n’ Bru Swain those dudes are coming up

  • Ryan MAc9

    how bout some Deltron 3030 (or just Del), Horseshoe GANG, Another one with Crooked I or Slaughterhouse as a whole, Kid Vishis, Swollen Members (or atleast just Madchild), One-2 (From C.O.B) Apathy (from AOTP & Demigodz), Celph Titled (Also From Both), Slaine, ILL Bill, El-P and Killer Mike, System Of a Down, Slipknot, Disturbed, Another Feature with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, Mac Lethal, MGK, Liquid Assasian, Tragic Allies, Vado, Epidemic, Immortal Technique and Diabolic, Killah Priest, Esoteric (or East Coast Avengers in general), E-40 again, Bone Thugs, Meth Mouth, N.O.R.E, Myka 9, DMX, and DZK…..just off the top of the dome, so many more too. OH and ofcourse Eminem

  • Ryan MaC9

    cant believe i forgot Brother Ali

  • Ryan MAc9

    no idea who Eligh is, but iv been waitin for that Tonedeff collab for ages

  • Ryan MAc9

    Pitbull has to be the worst rapper/MC to ever pick up a Mic. if you even count him as an MC

  • Douggie01

    I think you should do a song with Borgore.

  • coza


  • Angello Miller

    Florence and the machine. That shit would be dope as fuck.

  • Kevin Combs

    How about Megadeath , Volbeat , Soulfly , or Obituary that would make for some hella tight shit!

  • Wat

    I agree with the Sevendust comment, that would be awesome. Love his songs with Kottonmouth King’s and that rock n roll back track

  • dante evil

    a song with slipknot would be the shit, if you could rap over something like ‘my plague’ i would probably jizz in my pants

  • Thunderfeet

    Tech should collab with me Thunderfeet, check out one of my tracks and if you like what you hear please vote because the song is for a contest.


    slipknot or even just corey taylor or hell even five finger death punch would be fucking sic althoe i dont believe any of them would do it but itd be sweet if they did

  • Dan Dan Bleakney

    El Pus

  • Prospect

    And in the words or Rittz, “I’ll say no more”

  • alex

    You should do some hard heavy stuff with korn and sevendust that shit with chino was good

  • CiNo

    Skatterman has beef with Strange Music now. He’s been in interviews talking shit about Tech N9ne and the label.

  • Iam He

    imma say FKI, Diplo, Tech N9ne, Luda, Outkast, Janelle Monae, Rob Zombie, Tech N9ne, Korn, Daddy Yankee, Snow tha Product, Rick Ross, Bun B, Busta, Don Omar, Tech N9ne, Robin Thicke, Celo, Fall out boy, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Will I Am, Gorillaz……..Maybe Cool J and Nelly for just because.

  • Radzuo

    Flatbush Zombies, Action Bronson, Danny Brown

  • Christipher Koonz

    Haha my fault. Doesn’t gotta be invovled, though. I was just usin them as the example for the idear here.

  • Jariah Spades Fletcher

    Asking Alexandria Action Bronson Scarface Black Hippy Travis barker trae tha truth Joey Bada$$ Flatbush Zombies World’s Fair Erykah Baduh Kid Cudi SwizZz & Jarren Benton Irv Da Phenom Dj Premeir Karmin MGK, Eminem, Skrillex, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Deadmau5, Rob Zombie, Hopsin & Busta Rhymes

  • MiMz


  • Tone dawg

    Bone thugs. It’s owed to the Midwest. And I’m not even from their. Lord infamous and koopsta knicca

  • Tone dawg

    Bone thugs. T-Rock lord infamous and koopsta knicca

  • kmnjn

    Wu-tang of course

  • freshness1

    mc chris

  • Corey H.

    Kung Fu Vampire, i seen someone say Rob Zombie, Get him and Kung fu vampire on the same track because i know KFV wants to do something with Rob Zombie, and KFV is amazing! soooo under rated, Tech if you ever see this, reach out to him man he deserves it, and MADCHILD, you went on tour with him but you havne’t made a song with him yet?! Hes a moster!


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