Tech N9ne Asks Fans Who They Want Him To Collab With, Fans Respond By The Thousands [Social]

Jun 6 2013

Tech N9ne Collabos?

Tech N9ne’s Something Else promises to have the most genre-bending and explosive collaborations of his entire career.

In anticipation for this groundbreaking release, Tech went on Facebook to ask his fans who he should collaborate with. The response was overwhelming to say the least, with almost 10,000 responses from the fans ranging from rock and roll acts to rappers to some straight-up inappropriate answers.

Here are just some of the suggestions we gathered:



“Mac Lethal”


“my butthole”

“Will fucking smith”

“Army of the pharohs”

“Maynard James Keenan”

“madchild or raekwon”

“Jonathon Davis from KoRn!!”

“Serj Tankian”


“Imma say Macklemore, when you listen to something other than Thrift Shop; the kid is DEEP.”

“Game & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony!!!!”

“Sevendust. Would be pretty intetesting hearing you rap alongside LJ’s melodic voice and their bass heavy metal sound”

“A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar”

“I know this sounds weird but I think your creativity and styles could produce a filthy song/album with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien! Tech N9NE in the future with Deltron 3030 could start a multidimensional revolution haha, anyway just a thought”

“Avenged sevenfold”

“childish gambino!”

“My butt”

“Tyler Cassidy a.k.a. krispy kreme”

“Nas…. That would b the shit for real.”

“Method Man”

“Tupac hologram!”

We could go on and on but that just goes to show you the wide-range of fans that Tech N9ne has in Strangeland. Anything goes when it comes to a musical collaboration. Evidence of this is sure to surface in Tech N9ne’s biggest album of his career: Something Else.


Tech N9ne - Something Else

  • Who do you want to see Tech N9ne collaborate with?

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