‘Damn Fool TV’ Premiere Gathers 790 Viewers [Video]

Jul 22 2010

The Damn Fool TV Show began at 4pm on July 21st, just as planned and Big Scoob was live on his Ustream, broadcasting to the world while he took a break from recording his new album, Damn Fool. Scoob set-aside almost two hours to talk with his fans and at times during the broadcast, there were more than 260 viewers interacting with Big Scoob at the same time. Big Scoob shared everything from who he wants get on for his Damn Fool album, his thoughts on the best cities to visit and perform and even officially announced that he is not signed to the Miami Heat– he’s going to sign with the KC Chiefs. 🙂 Later in the broadcast Makzilla and Boogie Man arrived to the studio and Makzilla made quite the entrance. Makzilla arrived with two toy machine guns in hand, Rambo-style, ran up to the camera yelling, “Who’s trippin’ on Kutty’s album?! Fuck this!”. Of course, he was referring to a comment earlier in the broadcast where a dude conversing with Scoob on Ustream said a negative comment about Kutt Calhoun’s latest release, Raw And Un-Kutt, which despite it’s great reviews all-around, apparently this got Makzilla hyped!

While Big Scoob needed to go back in the recording studio to continue recording his album, Makzilla talked it up on the channel for the remainder of the show and even entertained fans by doing his Joey Rosano impression, a character he started and used for the latest Cognito album, Outcast. Makzilla concluded the show by announcing the contest for next weeks show– Best Crackhead Pic Contest– in which Makzilla will award the winner with a free lunch with himself and Big Scoob for the person that submits the best crackhead picture!

Makzilla says,

“I want you to go to your neighborhoods and find pictures of the crackhead in the neighborhood and I want you to turn them in. Send them to BigScoob.com. Whoever sends in the picture of the most fucked-up crackhead will win the contest.”

Tune-in next week for the results and to check out what they do next on the Damn Fool TV show!