Considering the careers of both MURS and ¡MAYDAY!, it only makes sense their aptly titled 2014 collaborative project, ¡MursDay!, brought together the best of both worlds. MURS, one of hip-hop’s most respected gatekeepers, gave the album the pure, lyrically driven sound hip-hop purists demand. ¡MAYDAY!’s ability take rap to new heights with color, vitality, and, of course, experimentation (the groups calling card) brought an incredibly unique feel to ¡MursDay!. Born out of an organic friendship, the ¡MursDay! collaboration and resulting album, has that natural, party-centric flavor while never sacrificing technical ability and lyricism. In Strange Music’s extensive discography, ¡MursDay! has become a cult classic, one that remains in constant rotation as fans eagerly await the possibility of a second.