F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul) [Song]

Mar 24 2011

Paying the ultimate tribute to those who have supported him, Tech N9ne’s “F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is a heartfelt and soulbearing nod to real Tech fans everywhere. Detailing his fortunate rise to fame, Tech flows over a soft piano and speedy drums with entrancing melodies. The emotionally charged hook, sung by Tech, drives his point home:

You are my heart, you are my soul
I thank you for all you’ve done for me
You are my heart, you are my flow
My fans made it for everyone to see

From the opening taken directly from a live Tech N9ne concert to the closing words from Tech himself, “F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is a grateful display deep from within Tech N9ne’s heart.

“F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is now available for download with the pre-order of All 6’s And 7’s.