To the people who think Imma drop lynch!

Apr 11 2011

Me & lynch had a serious falling out that most could not come back from due to the threatening nature of the situation. We had a sit down at strange the Monday after the gathering in which all accusations were denied and we agreed to move forward from the bullshit! At 1st I took the stance of never rapping on anymore of the material because the severity of this thing but I had to step outside my personal shit and realize this is a business and the nigga is way too talented to just cease all things dealing with lynch no matter how insane the situation! So he hit me and left a message of some verse that was murder! So murder that I called back and said you way too talented nigga Fuck that shit we gonna get this money Fuck the bullshit and after that I did the two songs for his album! The only way I’m gonna drop a nigga is when they have no more dope within them. Even me! So I’m lookin forward to seeing how far this nigga goes and I will always champion for the nigga just like I did to get him over here at strange! Congrats to lynch on his new release and I hope for many more if this god forsaking place holds up! So I hope this answers any every inquiry you guys might have bout the situation. K.O.D.