Tech N9ne Featured On Brotha Lynch Hung – ‘ICU’ [Song]

Apr 5 2011

Fresh off Coathanga Strangla, “ICU” once again brings Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung together for one hell of a ride. The ghoulish production strikes listeners like the notes from a haunted music box with some wicked drums to match. Lynch pulls no punches on his first verse, with quite arguably his most barbaric flow yet. Murder, necrophilia, and all sorts of illegal activity power this track well before the first verse is even over! Just when it couldn’t possibly get any more obscene, Tech N9ne jumps in and drops a clean, but vicious verse. Switching between his smooth flow and choppy delivery, Tech creates another layer of music over the production with his voice. With revenge on his mind, Tech flows:

I just found out he owe me eight hundred thousand somethin, so we funkin
Tecca Nina bout to get to dumpin, turn his lump into a pumpkin

Lynch And Tech take it to a whole new level on “ICU”, only on Brotha Lynch Hung’s Coathanga Strangla. Click here to purchase your copy!