‘Animal’ [Song]

May 19 2011

“All Gas No Brakes”, the track centers around the line, “I am such an animal, I am not a human being“. Dropping the clean and polished sound in favor for grittier synths, Seven builds the production around staggering drums that carry the weight of the track. Moving at a seemingly sluggish pace, the synths provide just the right amount of grunge to lend “Animal” its threatening sound. Krizz let’s loose on his flow, and allows himself to attack each verse without regard to traditional rhyme schemes. Breaking out his rapid fire approach, Kaliko chops through syllables in an acapella style that would make even the quickest of MCs take a second listen. Krizz unapologetically rhymes:

“Kali’s soft, he’s a nice guy, I’ll try
never feed the animals, read the sign, why die?”

Even though he provided the inspiration, Tech N9ne takes a backseat to Krizz Kaliko’s raw and unmitigated skill. “Animal” storms through as Kaliko’s most adrenaline pumping track on S.I.C.

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“Animal” was produced by Seven.