‘Coathanga Strangla’ [Merch]

May 3 2011

Coathanga StranglaBrotha Lynch Hung has come a long way and managed to stay the same. He started with Dinner and a Movie and then amazed us all again with his Coathanga Strangla. This CD is his second of a trilogy and it is nothing short of amazing with his twisted mind giving us the twisted lyrics that we crave. There are a small number of artists that can take you to the dark places that you seek and then take you past them to parts that you did not know were real, Brotha Lynch Hung is one of them. If you liked Dinner and a Movie then you are sure to love Coathanga Strangla. You can find this CD and other Brotha Lynch Hung merchandise in the Strange Music Store, just visit StrangeMusicInc.net. Don’t you think it’s about time you got in touch with your dark side?