‘Hood Gone Love It’ [Song]

Jun 23 2011

“Hood Gone Love It” just in time for the blazing summer. Joined by Kendrick Lamar, Jay rides through the hood and brings it right to the front steps of America. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League provides the soundtrack on this smooth throwback that brings together elegant strings and a mean bit of bass that really defines the track as gangsta rap. Jay leaves his usual aggressive nature behind as he highlights his favorite things from the neighborhood in the first verse. Jay really stamps a summer feel on the track with:

You know what this is
Tell em, it’s a celebration bitches
where the barbecue pits and the mini bikes
mini skirts, Hennessys, and the Miller Lights”

Kendrick jumps full force into the second verse and drops a memorable verse, that some may argue stole the track. His abrasive delivery plays off of Jay’s relaxed tone, giving the track more than one dimension, and ultimately allowing “Hood Gone Love It” to avoid any gangsta rap generalizations. Production like this suits Jay well and really lets him flex his storytelling abilities. With “Hood Gone Love It”, Jay Rock gives fans an exceptional first single that beats with the heart of West Coast hip hop.

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