My Favorite Merch: Brotha Lynch Hung Black Blast T-Shirt [Merch]

Jun 22 2011

Brotha Lynch Hung Black Blast T-Shirt FrontBrotha Lynch Hung Black Blast T-Shirt BackOne of the best items in the Strange Music webstore is the Brotha Lynch Hung Black Blast T-Shirt. I actually own this shirt, and I have to say, I wear it almost all the time. The grungy text on the front with the smoking design is just a great touch for a Lynch shirt. Lynch isn’t some poppy mainstream artist, so it’s nice to see that they have kept his merch just as hardcore as he is. Click here to purchase your very own!

Strange Music offers the finest apparel and merchandise always made with the highest quality fabrics available. With the same standard of excellence that goes into making the music that fans have grown to love, Strange Music pulls no stops in making top-notch merchandise available for wearing to the shows, on the streets, or wherever you go.

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