‘Delusional’ [Song]

Jun 25 2011

All 6’s and 7’s is a perfect example of Tech’s introspective abilities. Tech has always been one of the most relatable artists in the game, addressing issues both personal and general that many of us have gone through, and has used hip hop as a form of catharsis as many of us tend to do.

In this sinister introspective track, Tech paints a lyrical portrait of a man who has finally attained what he once could only dream of, only to find that it hasn’t necessarily changed him or his problems. Nina shows us that fame and money have done little to curb the vulnerability inherent in mankind, and that even the great Tech N9ne often ponders the meaning of what others think of him. The line, “My power’s for good I think, would I shrink, if somebody took away how good I ink?” brilliantly displays a man who has all but mastered his craft, yet still has not come to a full understanding of his abilities. Tech goes on to address his anxieties of being a less-than-available father, and laments on the fact that although he now has the means to provide for his family monetarily, he lacks in face time with his children and has come to resent himself for allowing his profession to interfere with his paternal duties. The last verse of “Delusional” is one of the more straightforward breakdowns of the meaning of the album’s title All 6’s and 7’s, showing Tech in a state of confusion and disarray regarding his success as an artist as well as the battle of good and evil raging inside him.

We hear a beautiful telling of how Tech has turned the darkness he’s been presented with throughout his life into a beacon of light for others who are going through similar adversities. This harrowing look into what has made Tech N9ne the King Of Darkness (and light) we know and love, combined with a chilling background of eerie synths and ominous church bells and a macabre yet poetic chorus by Nikkiya, gives us one of the most bone-chillingly reflective tracks of Tech’s career.

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