Fan Teaches ‘The Martini’ On Piano [Video]

Jun 6 2011

Tech N9ne fans may be famous for their hardcore dedication, but as it turns out, they are also some very talented individuals. The many Tech N9ne covers that turn up on YouTube are a testament to the musical attributes some fans have. In this case, cracka1from1dahood not only covers Tech N9ne’s “The Martini” on piano, but he also teaches viewers so that they can learn at home. Running through each individual note, this fan picks apart the intro to “The Martini” and breaks it down in a simple video tutorial. By the end of the video, he strings all of it together to reproduce the original piano heard on the track. Not all Tech N9ne fans were born with sharp piano skills, but thanks to this fan, everyone can learn how to hit some strange notes.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

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