‘Finest Hour’ [Song]

Jul 30 2011

“Finest Hour”.

Like always, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League weave together a tale of class and organized crime with their cinematic sound powered by full bodied strings, pianos, vintage bass, and dramatic melodies. Drawn out like a mafia film, “Finest Hour” gives Jay Rock room to celebrate the best things in life. Living too fast to care about what happens, Jay Rock is going out with wealth and respect:

“In the background, got my hat down
feelin’ like a king, shout out to Sac town
you lookin’ at a gangster in his finest hour
til they lock me up or rain on me lead showers”

Rick Ross takes his place at the throne of the game with a viciously confident verse that relies on his famous mobster mentality:

“Teflon don on the rise
after four or five lines, you know it’s organized crime
more money, more power
the world is yours, that’s until I get my lead shower”

“Finest Hour” leads Follow Me Home as one of the biggest potential radio singles. Refining the gangster rap stereotype, Jay Rock and Rick Ross bring the game to first class.

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