Jay Rock Discusses Black Hippy’s Chemistry And Influences [SM Exclusive]

Jul 22 2011

Rarely does the world of hip hop see a supergroup that works so well on different levels of success.

Coming together from different regions of California, Black Hippy has seemingly perfected the art of mainting solo careers and working cohesively without sounding forced. Made up of Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul, the independent collective has been creating a wave of buzz since their fromation five years ago. Through a slew of freestyles and guest appearances, the group has kept themselves relevant in the current hip hop scene. With the release of their new music video, “Say Wassup”, from Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home, Jay Rock spoke to us regarding the importance of working as a unit and how he feels about comparisons between Black Hippy and other groups.

Keeping “Say Wassup” in mind, Jay Rock discussed the chemistry between all four members and how that manifests itself inside the studio:

“We been together four or five years now. We just get in the studio, we just vibe off each other. You can’t really explain it, you gotta be there and see the magic. Good energy, I think. Once you do it for so long, it’s easy to you. We all family. We be together all the time, whether we in the studio or we ain’t rapping. We all family.”

Black Hippy’s unique sound is definitely something that draws comparisons to some of hip hop’s biggest groups. Humbled by the compliment, Jay Rock maintains that Black Hippy can’t reallly be defined:

“Growing up, NWA, Dogg Pound, and A Tribe Called Quest. Those were some of my favorite groups growing up. I can’t compare us to nobody, we Black Hippy. We our own. We was influenced by those cats, but you know I can’t really compare us to anything. If anybody compare us to a group, we appreciate it, but we Black Hippy you know.”

As for the long awaited Black Hippy debut?

“Yeah, it’s coming. Everybody just keep your ears open, it’s coming. It’s Top Dawg Entertainment.”

For now, fans can hear brand new material from Black Hippy on Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home, and be sure to check out the official music video for “Say Wassup” below.

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