Young Bleed ‘Call The Police’ [Song]

Oct 20 2011

Young Bleed - PreservedInjected with Louisiana flavor and bouncy organs, “Call The Police” is one of the catchiest tracks on Preserved.

Bleed leave the slowed down style behind for this one as he picks up the tempo and rides over an arrangement of organs, harmonica notes, pianos, and even a groovy bass line to carry it all. Shonta Productions pieced together this musical taste of pure Southern living. Despite the song’s friendly approach, Young Bleed is anything but a friend on “Call The Police”. Strapped and ready for a fight, Young Bleed warns his enemies to call anyone that can help because he isn’t about stop. Of all the tracks on Preserved, “Call The Police” captures the real essence of Bleed’s Baton Rouge roots. If the sirens aren’t enough to get you running, Bleed’s flows are sure to get the job done.

Young Bleed says:

“Anything can happen. Really the whole zydeco thing, the feel of that music, is very Louisiana-birthed music–somewhere in between Louisiana and maybe Texas. Zydeco is a Cajun kind of music. It’s kind of hard to explain. It has it’s more category more or less. ‘Call The Police’ captures that sound to me. The hook means ‘you can call the police and do what you wanna do, but we’re going to have a good time or tear this motherfucker down, one of the two.'”

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Young Bleed-Preserved