Young Bleed ‘Wall Uh Fame’ [Song]

Oct 13 2011

Calling back to the greats of yesterday, Young Bleed looks up to the sky as the limit on “Wall Uh Fame”.

With his community on his back, Young Bleed reaches out to bring everyone to a higher level. Seven once again crafts a softer production that rings in with heavy synths, string arrangements, and unexpectedly booming drums. The uplifting words of “Wall Uh Fame” give Preserved one of its lighter moments and leave room for Young Bleed to step away from the harsh realities of the streets. Taking a risk, Young Bleed sings his way through a memorable hook that finds him practically harmonizing with Seven’s stunning production. Bleed looks to keep his spot Preserved with:

“Livin’ all night, day, homie Biggie was hot
and now I’m on my way, nigga like it or not
I’m on my old block, my doors locked, they killin’ n jackin
some people hate to see a mufucker dealin n mackin”

“Wall Uh Fame” stands out as one of the strongest tracks on Preserved. Held together with perfect production and a radio friendly hook, “Wall Uh Fame” holds the potential to go on as a hit single.

Young Bleed says on “Wall Uh Fame”

“Wall Uh Fame” is one of them songs to where I’m a street kid coming from the streets and into the fame. I recognize that there are a whole lot of pioneers before me. It’s been a lifelong dream for me to get into the game and make certain connects. A lot of old heads from blues, to R&B, and of course rap. Curtis Mayfield cleared a sample for me on my second album, My Own. I had the privilege of meeting Rick James and Roger Troutman–we were getting ready to do some things before he passed. That song in particular tapped into me. It made me think of Jam Master Jay and a lot of the legends of hip hop. A lot of my music favorites that done been here have passed away. In the wall of fame, you live this life until you die, like Cash Money says “We ballin til we fall.” All those guys I’ve looked up to, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes…people have just been dying and passing. That was culture shock for me coming from the street game and into the music world. It’s like salvation or revelation, like “I made it now.” But once you get here you could still lose your life just being from that street corner. So what I’m trying to do is grab the broken pieces of all the pioneers before me and put together and reconstruct this wall of fame. If you had a wall of gold plaques and platinum plaques and an earthquake hit your city and they all fall off the wall, it’s like coming home and seeing this wreckage. It’s more or less like the album cover Preserved here. That’s the exact idea of what I’m talking about. You see all the destruction of the music industry. What I’m trying to do is grab all the pieces and reconstruct and put it all back together again.

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