Tech N9ne Speaks On Kansas City Car Scene And Impressing Women [Interview]

Nov 9 2011

Tech N9ne Speaks On Cars, Kansas City, And Women With

In the midst of all the Welcome To Strangeland talk, recently caught up with the creator of Strangeland to literally switch gears for a moment and talk cars.

Admitting to being more of a sneakerhead than a motorhead, Tech shared some insight on what having a nice car means:

“We do anything that we do to get the attention of a woman. And you know, you like to show off for your dudes too. You’re like, ‘Hey, I got a Phantom.’ But you want them chicks to look. You want to have a good job so you can make good money. You want to make good money so you can buy nice things. You want to have nice things so you can impress a nice woman.”

Tech also spoke on owning his first Benz and explained what it’s like to have money and own a nice car in the Kansas City scene. With so many shows a year, Tech N9ne revealed that he rarely drives, but does take part in the local car scene with KC Trends. The brief interview is nice change up from the usual and sheds some light on another side of the Kansas City King.

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