‘Am I A Psycho?’ Performed At High School Talent Show [Video]

Dec 2 2011

Tech N9ne - Am I A Psycho - Talent ShowAfter some technical difficulties – fast forward to the one minute thirty second mark – this high school duo in a talent show tag-teams “Am I A Psycho” in it’s entirety. Something about hearing these lyrics come out of teenage boys adds another layer of insanity to the already psychotic song- and in true high school fashion, the crowd reacted quite well to lines like “my balls are getting to hairy to shave.” One could see a smirk on their faces during some of the deliveries knowing what they said to a crowd of their peers and teachers – though they did show a little restraint lyric-wise, it was a rather smooth performance.

One can tell the judge was trying to be objective, but it’s usually not the most assuring thing to tell a duo of boys who just rapped in-front of their peers after a technical problem that one thinks “Rap equals crap” – equivalent to saying “that’s nice, what’s next?” Well done boys, we salute you.

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