E-40 ‘Zombie’ Featuring Brotha Lynch Hung

Apr 4 2012

The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 2 Featuring Brotha Lynch HungSac-town meets the Bay Area on E-40’s brand new album, The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 2.

One of three brand new albums to drop from Forty Water, Welcome To The Soil 2 includes “Zombie” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne. The J2 produced cut is sure to have listeners mesmerized with its horror throwback vibe and knocking bass. Given the task of the jump off verse, Brotha Lynch Hung comes in strong and sets off another killer collab with E-40 and Tech N9ne.

The Zombie Apocalypse may not be here yet, but Brotha Lynch Hung is more than prepared to wake the dead.

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