‘It’s A Lot Of Lyrics Man!’ – Krizz Kaliko Anticipates The Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013

Jan 29 2013

'It's A Lot Of Lyrics Man!' - Krizz Kaliko Talks Independent Powerhouse Tour

The Independent Powerhouse Tour 2013 is just around the corner, and if you’ve seen a live Strange Music show before, you know Krizz Kaliko is a tough act to follow.

The amount of energy and charisma this guy brings to the stage is just ridiculous! Also, throw in the fact that this tour includes new additions to the label CES Cru and Rittz.

We caught up with Krizz recently while he was at the Strange HQ and asked him what the fans can expect from this tour.

“It’s a lot of lyrics man! I’m not saying that everyone else ain’t lyrical, but these dudes are precision rappers. CES CRU, Ubi and Godi – precision. They’re very precise. Rittz (imitates chopping) he’s very precise with it! Lynch, c’mon man, you already know what that is, he’s a masterful rapper know what I’m sayin’? Then myself and Tech N9ne, you already know what we do. So it’s like….it’s gonna be a lot of lyrics played very loudly.”

If you didn’t already know this was going to be a tour of pure elite lyricism, that should knock out any doubts you may have had.

We also know that Krizz spent damn near all of 2012 on the road, so we asked him what he’s looking forward to the most about this upcoming tour.

“I’m just looking forward to getting back out there man. It’s like, us not being on stage is just like practicing all the time, you wanna play the game! I’m just lookin’ to get in the game it’s gonna be wonderful for me and Tech.

I’ve been out doin’ some solo shows, so it’s gonna be wonderful to be back on stage with Tech N9ne. We have this crazy chemistry together, so I’m just looking forward to performing and being back in my comfort zone. There’s no place I’d rather be, besides with my son. There’s no place I’d rather be than on stage performing in front of people.”

You heard it here y’all, the dream team is back in action with some new additions, and it all starts March 15th in Tulsa,OK!

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  • Which city are you catching the Independent Powerhouse Tour in??
  • Who are you the most excited to see?
  • Will this be your first time seeing Krizz live?

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