REVEALED: Krizz Kaliko Made 15 Music Videos For ‘Son Of Sam’

Aug 16 2013

Krizz Kaliko Why Me

Krizz Kaliko really is a madman.

In an interview published by Hip Hop DX, Krizz Kaliko revealed that he will be releasing 15 music videos for Son of Sam, easily making Strange Music’s most videos for a single release.

Krizz also explained how Son of Sam is a liberating album that further carves his identity as an individual artist instead of “Tech N9ne’s hypeman.”

“I always wanted to do an album called Son Of Sam because Son Of Sam is just me, that’s what it means. My family name is Sam Watson, so that’s my legal name, my government [name], to me it meant more of me. A lot of people know me from Tech N9ne’s music from the last 13 years you know, so I’ve always been kind of his co-writer, his sidekick, his hypeman. Travis [O’Guin],” who co founded Strange Music alongside Tech N9ne more than a decade ago, “has been [the] business partner, I’ve always been Tech’s creative partner. So the more I put out albums the more I was becoming an individual artist. So I always wanted to do an album called Son Of Sam because it felt like to me a little bit of a liberation, not that I needed to be freed from that because that’s been a system that groomed me into being Krizz Kaliko. I’m giving you more of me and that’s pretty much where the title came from.”

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Krizz Kaliko - Son of Sam

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