The Way To A Strange Heart: 5 Great Valentine’s Gift Ideas From The SM Store

Feb 13 2014


Guys and gals, we know how it is. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but your significant other is not the cheesy chocolates and teddy bears type.

You want to get your Strange partner something badass, something that’s not going to be tossed into the storage closet on the 15th or eaten after three bong rips.

With that in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide y’all with five foolproof gifts for your special Hardcore Bitches and Technicians.

When Demons Come blog

1. Rob Prior & Tech N9ne’s “When Demons Come” 15 5/8″ X 24″ Print

This gift is perfect because any Strange fan will love it, male or female. Not only is it an easily affordable gift, it’s badass-ery will be displayed on your wall every day until you decide to take it down, so your special someone will be constantly reminded that they owe you special sex.

Kutt Shorts2. Kutt Calhoun Red Booty Shorts

Now, these are probably more geared towards you guys shopping for females…but, hey, if a dude wants them, we’re not judging. These are the perfect way to show your support for Kutty and flaunt what your genetic gifts at the same time…and they’re on clearance, which is pretty baller.

Blanket3. Snake And Bat Blanket

This one’s a no brainer. Not only do you get to rep the Snake & Bat every time you go to sleep, but you can also share this blanket with your partner when it’s time to…you know…”watch a movie.” Just wash it after, otherwise that’s weird.

Jersey4. Strange Music Hockey Jersey

This is another perfect unisex gift. These high quality jerseys are the shit, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Ladies, you know your man needs this…and guys? Have you ever seen a woman wearing nothing but a hockey jersey? We rest our case.

black bling5. The Black Diamond Pendant

This is the big one guys. Now you can rock a replica of Tech’s infamous black diamond Snake & Bat pendant everywhere you go. The best part is, when someone asks where you got that insane neckwear (and they will), you now have a perfectly acceptable opportunity to brag about your relationship.

There you have it y’all, some awesome gift ideas for your special someone on this usually nauseating holiday. All we ask is that you tweet us with a thanks when your valentine loses their shit over these awesome gifts.


  • -What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten?
  • – Which one of these do you want YOUR significant other to cop for you?

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