Strange By Southwest – The Artists’ Experiences At The Festival

Mar 18 2014

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Strange Music recently took over the famed festival SXSW with Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, MURS, ¡MAYDAY!, Rittz, Stevie Stone and CES Cru.

We caught up with some of guys right as they came off the stage after the Strange Music Showcase to ask how their experience was at SXSW.

Here’s what they had to say…

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Ubiquitous: We left it all on the stage – It’s an honor to represent the label. And walking down the street in Austin, Texas, somewhere I’ve only been four or five days in my entire life and getting recognized and pulled over and wanting autographs and pictures is an honor and a beautiful thing. It’s very humbling and it’s cool to know that our fans are out here and they’re looking for us when we’re surrounded by so many other talented artists on our label.

The quality of the rap music that comes out of Strange Music is kind of crazy. People don’t even realize it and I think it’s because maybe they haven’t looked around that much. But when someone comes to a Strange Music show they realize that there’s more out there. That’s what I’ve heard from everybody that at their first Strange show they’re blown away they’re like, “Oh my god, I didn’t know what was about to happen.”


Stevie Stone: We perform every day like it’s our last time we’re going to be able to perform. This is not promised to us, it’s a blessing. So we’re living it – our dream and we’re living our blessings out. This is our first time at SXSW, it’s a blessing man it’s so exciting. I’m in the moment right now, I’m soaking it in. The crowd was wonderful and I’m exhausted, I left it on the floor. Nothing that we do are we ever going to take for granted because it’s all a blessing. Without these people, without them demanding us, we can’t do this. It’s definitely a lot of energy out there, it’s just a blessing. My job is to try and convert as many people that we can. People that don’t know about us, give them that Stonefluenza.

This is definitely not going to be my last. Just because of our attitude, we are very grounded, we are very humbled, we know that we’re blessed, we’re not owed this. All the time is go time, after every ladder is a ladder then it’s a ladder itself to stay consistent.


MURS: I’m thankful for all the fans that make this possible. I’m thankful to Tech and Trav and the whole Strange Music staff for promoting and giving a fuck about what I do.

It’s different, I feel like it’s a lot more responsibility. Stan Lee says with great power comes great responsibility, so in one hand it feels good and in another I take this shit very seriously. Songs like “Hard” and songs I did with ¡MAYDAY! like “Zone” and “Tabletops” I haven’t rapped that hard in a long time. I didn’t give a fuck about being hard, but this shit got me back with a lot of fire under me and not pressure but responsibility.

Strange is a great title to uphold and a label to have on your art and I have to make sure that it’s at the best and I have to let motherfuckers know that I’m here to represent the team and I’m not playing, I’m not bullshitting. And I can still do the storytelling and conscious rhyming but for just a little while I have to get back on that bullshit and let motherfuckers know that we’re kicking ass and taking names.


Rittz: It feels great just to be here with the strongest team in the hip hop game – Strange Music. I’ve never been here with Strange Music since I’ve signed with them and we rolled through the street earlier and it felt great, just like a family.


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