Bernz Talks Fate & Getting Hit By $1000 At The Club With BET

Jul 11 2016


Bernz has been busy since See You On The Other Side was released, but luckily he had time to talk with BET and give us some great stories about fate while working on the new album and getting hit in the face by $1000.

Fate gave Bernz the first single, “Outta My Brain”, when his mom suggested that he take a trip to Vegas for his birthday. That is where he met David Grants, the producer for “Outta My Brain” and “It Don’t Go.” That song set the theme for See You On The Other Side.

“I really wanted to stay true to the s**t that I do in ¡Mayday!, which is fun kind of hooks and light-hearted stuff and leaning towards mainstream or pop.”

– Bernz

When asked about his best night out in his hometown he gives a hilarious story about getting his rent payed for by Jay Z. Read about his encounter with fate in Vegas and Hova’s contribution to his rent here.

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