Top 5 #MannequinChallenge Videos (Other Than Strange Music’s)

Nov 9 2016


The newest trend is sweeping the nation, and we’re here for it.

One of the best things about online Internet trends is their ability to come and go in the blink of an eye. So when the #MannequinChallenge came about, everyone was quick to show off what they got. Before the trend completely dies, we wanted to share some of the best videos we have found so far of this creative challenge.

Of course, Strange Music could not say no to an opportunity like this following our “Harlem Shake” attempt, so we came back with a vengeance.

Watch ours:

Though ours are pretty good, we thought we would share what videos deserved a Top 5 spot on our list (in no particular order).


If you have seen them wrestle, just wait until they do the complete opposite.

Trinity Valley Cheer

Could you hold someone upside-down in the air? And freeze?

#mannequinchallenge at the game @trinityvalleycheer and edit props to @ca_mattops Tag all your friends!

A video posted by Dylan Barrett (@the_barrett) on

MLK High School

Now THIS is commitment.

The Rink – Chicago, IL

If you are able to remain completely still on roller skates, you deserve an award.

Not Enough Friends

Now this one was just too funny to go unnoticed.

  • Which video was your favorite?

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