‘Tech N9ne’s Music Roots Are Deep In The Church’ – The Kansas City Star Looks At Tech’s Religious Upbringing

Jan 16 2017

For many artists, their careers are rooted in religion. Some grew up singing in the choir or performing with the church’s band.

For Tech N9ne, his religious upbringing is evident in his lyrics and the imagery on album covers. Timothy Finn, of The Kansas City Star, spoke with Tech about the impact religion has had on his musical career.

Without all those teachings, I wouldn’t be Tech N9ne. Everything you see, like ‘Show Me a God,’ which was about when my mom was sick; or ‘Anghellic,’ which is about hell, purgatory and heaven because that’s what they taught me in church; and ‘Evil Brain Angel Heart,’ the fight between good and evil: All of it comes from my religious background.

– Tech N9ne

Tech tells us that his life has always been steeped in religion, starting with his name, Aaron, named after the older brother of Moses. He even used to wear a bishop’s robe as part of his stage attire.

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