Mackenzie Nicole – “A Cut Rose In Tap Water” | OUT NOW

Feb 7 2020

This song was inspired by one of Mackenzie’s unique habits. Every time she gets a coke bottle, a cool jar or a vase, she puts it somewhere in her room, places a single rose in it, fills it with tap water and never takes it out. Her room is continually littered with roses in various states of survival and decay.

One day, she looked at one particularly dead rose and it struck an unexpected chord inside of her. The rose is a beautiful thing and you cut it because it’s beautiful. It didn’t ask to be cut. But as soon as it’s cut, you damn it. It’s a death sentence for it.

Human emotionality is this beautiful thing. Life is this beautiful thing. You don’t ask for the darkness to come and sever that. But once it does, you’re done. You can try to preserve yourself. But you won’t be able to.

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