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‘Freaked Even ME Out!’ – Tech N9ne Reacts To Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Tour [Social]

Published: December 4, 2013 in Tech N9ne by

Kanye West - Yeezus Tour - Kansas City

Even for the King of Darkness, some things are just too much to handle.

Enter Kanye West and The Yeezus Tour’s arrival at The Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Longtime fan and Kansas City King Tech N9ne was in the stands to witness the spectacle: more than a concert, a full-on sensory overload that combined elements of music, theater, film, dance and literature to form something much more than your regular concert.

The intense presentation, religious overtones and taboo imagery left quite the impression, especially on Tech, who reached out to Kanye on Twitter with his feedback:


When asked by a fan to describe the show, Tech gave up his own Twitter-length review:

Lately Tech N9ne has expressed an avid interest in working with Kanye West for his next album and has even said he would simply like to have a conversation with the prolific artist on things outside of the musical realm.

Was this show the catalyst that finally leads to that conversation?

Check the flicks from the show below:

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  • Have you seen the Yeezus Tour? What did you think?
  • What do you think about Kanye West and all the controversy he’s generated this year?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Connor Ulrey

    I loved the Yeezus Tour. It felt more like an experience than a concert. It blew my mind at the visuals and the lights and all the effects that Mr. West had to display. Great energy, great crowd, great time.

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    i’d rather have him work with jay z than kanye

  • Jeff Nelson

    Second that. I’ve never seen/heard/felt anything like it.

  • darren


  • Kaynes a creep an he’s followers are creeps point blank

  • Evil Queen

    I love you Tech N9ne but don’t work with Kanye…. he isn’t worth it. .. You are better off with Jay Z and Eminem!! Good Luck though who ever you choose to work with! @

  • Messy the Man

    Kanye knows what the fans want as far as creepy music and darkness , his illuminatti image seems to capture the peoples interest , I unlike the norm , can not see past Kanyes arrogance and racszm to taylor swift , I know its a long time ago , but he ruined his career in my eyes at that moment when he snatched that mic . Sorry and shit Kanye , that impression will take a long time to repair in my eyes , if repairable .

  • zkmurph27

    Any sort of Tech N9ne and Kanye collab would be beyond monumental. Even if an actual song or something never happens, it’d still be a great meeting of minds. Pretty sure Tech and Yeezus’ abstract artistry and stage performances are a lot more similar than what a lot of the naysayer commenters are suggesting.

  • Marcus Gladney

    I was at his concert in Kansas City the brokers on the street where selling premium seats under face value actually I thought I was walking thru one of Kansas Cities world renowned Haunted Houses instead of a concert…for the record we wanted to ONLY see Kendrick ..Now I will give Kanye Credit his beats and lyrics are the bomb but the arrogance will and be the demise this guy! I say this to Kanye I am your age and if all the Heavy weights before you didnt let it go to their heads neither should you 2 of the heavy weights I speak of are no longer amongst us but if they where OOOO BOY!!!…You’d be STILL behind the scenes….STAY HUMBLED..And if ANYTHING THANK JESUS THEY ALLOOOOWED U TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE CAUSE AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON..IT CAN BE TAKEN AWAY ..like Eddie Murphy Said in Golden Child (JUST LIKE THAT)
    Marcus in Kansas City!!!

  • ricky

    tech and kanye would be sic

  • disqus_tTenBiXiB9

    love him or hate him, dude knows his stuff musically and artistically. gotta respect the hard work he truly puts in even if you dont care for him as a person.

  • Black Person

    Kanye is more about show than music, his lyrics are simple catch phrases that usually dont make sence when strung together. Tech you have much more substance and creativity than Kayne is even capable of. Work with real artists as you have been over the years. Remember the industry is a bunch of punks and Kanye is at the front of the line.

  • JWill

    how was that racist towards Taylor Swift?

  • Jaime Diaz

    It was literally the most scariest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    well kanye used to be a good rapper but now he’s a whinny little cry baby bitch

  • colton fuller

    Fuck Kanye. Fools wack, he has a ton of $$ so he can do tours like that. Tech looks up to anyone that’s bigger in the game ( or makes more money then him) look at Wayne, wayne is one of the worst rappers in the game, but he looks up to him. Yeah he has some good metaphors, but he raps pig with, cat haha

  • No_Fear

    He needs to work w Eminem not them 2 fags!! no ones like king slim nd the king of darkness jay z and west are washed out… yeezus?? lol you think your a god now you fuckin played out monkey ppl get sick of seein the same pet do the same back flip over and over again!! gets boring!!! even gorge bush was so stupid but blazed his ass!! he called em kanway wess lmao

  • QueenOf EveryWickid ClownsHear

    It is all Sacrilegious crap, and he [Kanye] with his Jay n B bs, I love Tech and he can like who he likes, TECHNICIAN I AM WHOLE HEARTEDLY! but dwaaaam..yeesus (jeezus) is all Illuminati. I miss the old kanye, A Nas type feel.

  • NOYB

    This is sad. For some reason people like Kayne and other rappers sell their soul to the devil to make millions. But in the end where do they end up? well I think that’s self-explanatory. As a christian I see this as a mockery to Jesus. I am glad that Tech is smart and knows when someone has gone too far.

  • PolygamistMafia

    I personally think it is all about the publicity. That is all he is trying to generate he doesn’t care about lyrics or substance anymore. Get back on some Diamonds from Sierra Leon type music and I will start listening again, instead of comparing yourself to God to stir up controversy.

  • Dustin Smith

    I KNOW Tech is a lovable guy and likes money. But, Kanye is a weezle, so is J-z… Do your own thin Tech. STOP tying to be cool with these rich,UNtalented assholes…

  • Dustin Smith

    Keep chasing ‘fame’ and you may become flammable…

  • C Jones

    Have you ever heard any of his music? His production alone is amazing. If you don’t care for his lyrics that’s one thing but he makes great music.

  • Jacob Irdisch Ward

    Tech, he may put on an awe-striking show, but I think the majority of people on here would agree with me that this would only turn into an entirely new “URALYA” type of track.. And I know you’re progressively getting more and more involved in the Illuminati hype as time goes by, but don’t lose touch of Tech N9ne. No matter what you do, it’ll be for THE GREATER GOOD.

  • Brendan

    Some people don’t like to just ‘get passed the lyrics’ but I agree about the production quality.

  • Røme Maine

    i dont think that specific instance is racist however i do think kanye is a bit of a racist.

  • Riot Maker

    Kanye would sound better with his jaw wired shut !

  • Jeff Nelson

    Something tells me that you’re not aware he recorded his breakout single with his jaw wired shut.

  • Riot Maker

    Goes to show what I know, No I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe he could ship himself out to Afghanistan or the other numerous locations where our real men and women are serving. Seeing how he compared the danger of his work to that of police officers and soldiers in war ? He’s a complete fool.


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