Tech’s Tweet A Hint For Next Release? [Social]

Sep 13 2010

Tech recently posted an update on his twitter, which has been buzzing on the net the past couple days, especially the forums on Tech N9ne’s website. Tech was originally responding to a tweet that was talking shit to Tech on his twitter, and that last phrase “listen cause darkness could strike late Octob(er)”, was enough to get people conversing about another possible release (a second release THIS YEAR by Tech?), to drop this Fall. It’s only a tweet, right? Look what some people are saying on the TRTN forums:

“He usually says what he is currently recording. Haven’t heard much, besides saying he has picked a few beats for 6’s & 7’s

So i got no clue what he means by it.” – posted by Quemical

“oh shit!! all 6’s and 7’s!! haha..doubtful but you never know..Sickology and K.O.D both came out around the same it’s possible..but most likely could be kabosh” – posted by Milo

“he will annouce it on the last show of the tour im am almost 99 percent sure it will be something mentioned!!” – posted by Rain Dollaz

“i think what he means is that hes gon b in that dudes town and hes gona kill him.” – posted by JJ diaz

“Im thinkin its this DJ Who Kidd mixtape he’s been mentioning.” – posted by JasonDavidFrank

“I think Tech might of done a halloween song with Psychopathic again. Two were made for this years hallowicked so that might be a possibility” – posted by Ahiggity Diggity

“i hope its KABOSH!!!!!” – posted by T-Rance-5592

“probably another haircut” – posted by DYSFUNCTiONAL

Regardless I’m a fan of Tech and Strange Music! Darkness and Light I’m there for it all!” – posted by J.D.E

Maybe the Wayne song….” – posted by Josh

What do you think Tech meant with this tweet? Leave your thoughts in the comments!