Tech N9ne Talks To ‘The Source’ About Wanting To Speak With Jay Z And Kanye West

Sep 30 2013

Tech N9ne Jay Z Kanye West

The King of Independent Hip Hop wants to touch base with two of rap music’s biggest giants.

While talking to The Source about The Something Else Tour, the topic of conversation turned into an unexpectedly intriguing discussion about Tech N9ne working with Jay Z and Kanye West.

What is refreshing about Tech N9ne’s take is that he seems far less concerned with what can be gained musically from the dialogue between the him and the respective members of the Watch The Throne duo, but seems to be far more concerned with connecting with them on a human level.

The Source: Do you think your fans can expect a future collaboration between you and Jay Z?

Tech N9ne: Totally, I had one for him on this album but I didn’t have time to send it, I ran out of time. I was going to send him “That’s My Kid” which is the one I did with Big K.R.I.T, Kutt Calhoun and C-Lo Green. I was going to send that to Jay and I had a way to get it to him with a friend on the inside that records him.

The Source: Kind of like how you were able to arrange a recording with The Doors on your new album?

Tech N9ne: Yeah totally, Fred Wreck made that happen. I got friends like that everywhere but I don’t really utilize them because I’m in my own world. When the time comes, like I’m about to call Twista and get Kanye’s number. I want to talk to him about some things. I got some good things to say to him. It’s time for me to call Kanye, he hasn’t talked to me ever. Me and Krizz Kaliko are going to talk to Kanye. I just want to talk to him as a person, then we’ll talk about music.

You may recall that Tech N9ne had a similar rapport with Lil Wayne, spending over three hours with him while he was locked up in Riker’s Island, reportedly talking about Creationism and Darwinism amongst a multitude of other things.

One can only imagine what would come out of a discussion between himself and either Jay Z or Kanye West, but if nothing else, as fans of hip hop, we’d love to see a collaboration come out of it.

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