Brotha Lynch Hung Shares Life On The Road

Jun 17 2010

On his first tour in over five years, Brotha Lynch Hung has dusted off the cobwebs and is back in the saddle, performing live and doing it well for thousands of people the nation over. Initially hesitant to perform so often, Lynch has returned to form and is now feeling full confidence in his abilities to rock a crowd. We caught up with him in between shows for an exclusive in-house interview.

Brotha Lynch Hung: Yo.

Strange Music Blog: Sup Lynch how you doing?

BLH: Good.

SMB: Good deal. So this is your first tour since 2003, right?

BLH: Yeah, 2003.

SMB: How are you enjoying it so far?

BLH: I’m loving it. As the shows are going on it’s getting more natural and more fun actually so I’m wishing I could stay on stage a little longer and just enjoying it all.

SMB: Kind of shedding the butterflies as the shows go on?

BLH: Yeah. It gets easier and easier.

SMB: It seems that your presence has put this tour over the top in terms of fan anticipation and attendance. What’s your response been like from the fans?

BLH: They’re like “wow, I can’t believe it. I’ve been listening to you for fifteen years and never really got a chance to see you live.” They’re showing a lot of love and it feels really good.

SMB: Now does your set consist of mostly new stuff or are you throwing in some old stuff as well?

BLH: I got mostly Dinner and a Movie and I got one from Lynch By Inch, one of my older cuts.

SMB: What’s that?

BLH: “I Went From”. It’s about my sister and my mom.

SMB: Any shows that have been a highlight for you?

BLH: Well at first it was Minnesota but now it’s like every show back-to-back is getting wilder and wilder. Last night was–whoo!–crazy.

SMB: That’s what I’m hearing. It was just the other day that Scoob was claiming Vegas to be the wildest crowd but then the next night he was like “damn, Arizona was just as crazy” and it seems like the tour is just on this momentum.

BLH: Well when I started really getting shocked was LA and San Diego. Ever since then–and maybe even Santa Cruz–everything has just been crazy. Of course Portland and Washington was already going to be poppin’. I kind of expected that, but after that then there’s been no flaws. Basically when we got to Seattle and did those two and did the two in Portland, it’s just been insane.

SMB: That’s what it seems like. Shows are just getting sold out and people are going nutty. Did you hear about the two kids in standing outside the bus with a sign for you?

BLH: Oh yeah yeah–”We Want Lynch.” That was in the morning after the show. I was like “wow, that’s crazy.”

SMB: How does that make you feel? You still got fans out there that want to see you and are really excited for you.

BLH: Yeah I was shaky at first because I hadn’t been out in a long time but when I get out there and see that it’s like “wow.” I didn’t know they were hanging around waiting for me like that.

SMB: They’re probably like me man. I was listening to your stuff in high school and still bump a lot of those old cuts.

BLH: Good shit man!

SMB: How are you getting along with all the artists on the roster?

BLH: We’re getting hella good. They have my back, I have theirs.

SMB: It seems that everything is just going really smooth and really well right now.

BLH: Yeah, smooth. I mean, I didn’t know how anything would go but everybody’s treating me with respect, I treat them with respect. We kick it. We play Madden. We do all sorts of fun shit.

SMB: Oh man, Madden. That game can really get intense. Who’s winning?

BLH: Well, I’m undefeated, and I’ll stay undefeated the whole tour.

SMB: What team do you play with?

BLH: Dallas Cowboys. I kind of make them earn me so I can play the best dude.

SMB: Your whole experience with Strange, how’s it been so far with the tour and everything?

BLH: I can dig this. I could do some more tours. At first I didn’t know if I could do this but I can do this now.

SMB: Is it like riding a bike for you or what?

BLH: Yup. Exactly. I was a little nervous at the beginning but it’s all good now.

SMB: Good to hear man. Well I know you’re busy so I’ll get out of your hair. Good luck on the rest of the tour and have a good one.

BLH: Thanks man you too.