Kaliko Goes to Paris, France [Social]

Jul 13 2010

While Krizz Kaliko was in Paris, France for the Tech N9ne performance Thursday, July 8th, he had a chance to take-in some of the sights on their grueling international tour to Europe after the concert. Kaliko is overseas with label mate Tech N9ne and Cory Nielson (his tour manager) and it’s understandable that since you don’t get opportunities like these everyday to go and see the local attractions in cities, like, Paris, this day called for some official “R & R”. Kaliko has been updating his Twitter account regularly during this trip and we found some interesting tweets and photos since they departed Kansas City a couple weeks ago so let’s take a look at Kaliko’s trip to Paris…

Kaliko replies to some fans on twitter before the show in Paris begins:

“RT @teccan9na4life @KrizzKaliko : how many songs of Genius or Vitiligo will you sing in Paris? 3″ (Posted July 8th)

After the duo’s performance at the La Bellevilleoise in Paris, Kaliko receives some fan love on twitter and retweets:

“RT @inversemoi @KrizzKaliko U killed it in La Bellevilloise last night. Hope u can bring Kutt wit ya’ll two next time.” (Posted July 9th)

“Eatin lunch wit n9ne @ eiffel tower. Man if u seen this shit!!!! http://twitpic.com/23pdil” (Posted July 9th)

We could assume that while Kaliko was still hanging out with Tech at the Eiffel Tower, he wanted to know the latest in sports news back home..

“I’m in France I don’t know did Kenton go to Miami? I know he left Cleve but where he go?” (Posted July 9th)

Kaliko concludes the ongoing updates to his fans in Paris by taking a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower..

“Kali baby @ Eiffel tower it’s a huge bitch!!!!!!! http://twitpic.com/23peb5” (Posted July 9th)

Have you ever been to Paris? What should I check out next time I’m there?