Fan Shows Off Independent Grind Tour VIP Package [Video]

Nov 7 2010

Strange Music is known for its incredible bond with the fans. Tech N9ne and the rest of the artists know that they owe their success to the loud, crazy, die-hard Strange Music heads who drive album sales; post love and support online; and show up to concerts ready to “Ack-A-Donkey”. That’s why the VIP Meet & Greet Packages were created: as a way for the guys to give back. Avid Strange Music listener Eigh8thechosenone got to take part in the Independent Grind Tour’s VIP Meet & Greet package and was kind enough to document a bit of the experience for the world of YouTube. In the first video, Eigh8t is like a kid on Christmas morning as he opens his box of Strange VIP gear. He excitedly narrates the contents of the box, which include: clothing, accessories, car decals, CDs, DVDs and more, all of which pop out of the box in pairs as he was nice enough to get a VIP package for his lady friend as well (that’s love right there!).

The second video features an ecstatic Eigh8t post-concert. We love the enthusiasm as he proudly shows off all of his garb autographed by the Independent Grind tour line-up. In the first video he proclaims, “if it’s up to me, they’ll be signing every f*cking [thing]…” and in this second video, you can see they did just that as he displays his table full of autographed albums. Check out the VIP package here and Eigh8t’s signed swag here or watch both videos below. Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences. We love to hear about them!