Favorite Oddball Merch Item? [Poll]

Dec 7 2010

As you may know by now, today is the LAST DAY of the Strange Music 50% off sale. We want to extend our warmest appreciation to those who purchased some merchandise from their favorite MCs in the game. You guys are the fuel that keeps this independent fire burning bright! As we put our resources back into making the best merchandise available, we’d like to know where we succeeded. As you can see on the store front page, the bestsellers are highly populated with new accessories such as: air fresheners, stencils, stickers, pendants, and the Tech N9ne shot glass, which begs us the question: out of all these quirky new additions to the merchandise lineup, which is your favorite? Take the poll and vote, as the results will help the development of future merchandise. Click here to go to the Strange Music store for your last chance to get your favorite merchandise at 50% off.


What merch items would you like to see Strange make in the future?