Face Paint Blurs N9na’s Vision At SXSW [Social]

Mar 19 2011

In the final days of recording his forthcoming album All 6s and 7s, Tech took a break to rush down to Austin, TX for the SXSW Festival to perform at the VIBE House event, which aired live on UStream that night. Upon arriving in Texas, the rapper realized that his make-up kit was forgotten in Kansas City and he went to Twitter to find a make-up artist that could suffice:

Smackola, a member of Dirty Wormz (and a member of Tech’s future rap/rock project K.A.B.O.S.H.), reached out to his peoples and connected Tech with a friend who could do his facepaint for the VIBE House event. Tech was appreciative towards Smackola and his friend and for them to be able to make it, especially being that it was short-notice, but Tech was in for a surprise once he stepped on stage. Within several minutes into the performance, Tech’s facepaint began to drip in his eyes, on his shirt, everywhere.

The face paint became so irritating that Tech needed to leave the stage half-way in his set to clear his vision. After a brief break to the men’s room, Tech was back on stage to finish the remainder of his set. Check out the behind-the-scenes look of Tech:

Tech came back on stage after the Kutt Calhoun set, and of course, gave fans what they expected: the Tech N9ne Experience. Interestingly, we found a Facebook post from Smackola after the event and in response to the make-up artist, Smackola said:

it held up for a good minute but once he started going on the stage it was a wrap!! lol!! but it was still good you were able to come throu and do that!!!! now the next call you get will be for my video!! thanks again

Despite the incident, Smackola is looking to the make-up artist for his next video. The make-up artist wants another shot doing Tech’s facepaint and said, “Next time we will use performers paint and set it!”

What do you think?

Should the make-up artist get another shot doing Tech’s facepaint? What would you have done if you were Tech in this situation? Did you watch Tech’s performance on UStream during the VIBE house event? Were you at SXSW this year? Let us know in the comments below!