4 Fans Affected By ‘Coathanga Strangla’ [Fan Videos]

Apr 5 2011

Each Strange Music release, comes with new surprises, and it’s great to witness the overwhelming support from fans like you. Here are several videos found on the net as fans prepare to experience the latest Brotha Lynch Hung release, Coathanga Strangla. As mentioned before, the album is climbing the charts on iTunes and fans are quick to voice their opinions on the newest release. Check out some of the videos below.

Scotty Ballz reviews Coathanga Strangla and says it’s a “dope album”, and he recommends you go out and buy the album. Scotty mentions that he has been going to sleep listening to the album since he received it. Scotty says, “Brotha Lynch Hung is a fuckin’ genius because he can tell the story so well.” He recommends you listen to Dinner And A Movie before you listen to Coathanga Strangla.

After a minute of shameless promo for his own release (to be fair, he probably didn’t expect his video to be featured on the BLH Blog), Eigh8 describes his experience of opening up his preorder for Coathanga Strangla. “It’s been in the CD player all morning long.”

Eigh8 says,

Coathanga Strangla album is in the Top 3 Brotha Lynch Hung albums of all time… It fuckin’ wiped Dinner And A Movie away– and I loved that album! Wow, you stepped it up; you set the bar.”

A familiar face you may have seen on the Strange networks, Berwa shows what he received with his preorder. With some of the new music playing in the background, Berwa’s only words in the video: “Grrrrr”. Nuff said.

RedGpit must have an affinity for Brotha Lynch Hung… and advertising. His video features a multi-camera view of a Brotha Lynch Hung billboard while he’s blasting a track from Coathanga Strangla. A little… Strange? Yes. But aren’t we all?

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