Tattoo Artist In Nebraska Inks Up Strange Music Tattoos [Fan Feature]

Apr 13 2011

Tech N9ne’s unprecedented independent success is owed a lot to word of mouth advertising. One fan from Omaha, Nebraska is taking it to a whole new level, literally making an imprint on fellow fans of the N9ne. Tommy Enzo, artist and renaissance man, never expected what would happen upon introducing a friend to Tech’s latest album, K.O.D.

“My friend didn’t like hip hop, talked so much trash on rap. I told him to just listen to this CD, ‘it’ll change the way you look at it, I guarantee it.’ He listened to it, and just kept texting me after every song. ‘This is amazing.’”
By the third to the last song, Tommy received a truly unexpected request.
“He said he wanted a “9” tattooed on his neck. I told him ‘hey man, give it some time.’ You know, I had no problem doing it, I just understand how emotions can get the best of us. I said if he still wanted it in three weeks, I’d do it no problem.”

Three weeks passed, and his friend got the tattoo.

“He still wanted it.”

A week after that, Tommy got another request for a “9” tattoo: “it’s crazy because these guys don’t even know each other.” Shortly after, Tommy was stenciling another nine onto the back of his friend’s nephew, a longtime fan of Tech N9ne.

Tommy Enzo now finds himself the artist for five “9” tattoos and a “Strange Music” tattoo. Many of his clients don’t even know each other, but what relates them is the love for Tech’s music. Tommy himself has been a fan of Tech since the Anghellic release: “I like how he doesn’t rap about money or material things. He raps about his inner demons and struggles with humanity. His sound is so unique and original. I love how he doesn’t sound the same on everything.”

Ironically, Tommy also happened to be a huge fan of Brotha Lynch Hung before he ever heard a Tech N9ne song: “To me, Lynch and Tech are like a dream come true. I can’t wait to hear them on some new tracks together. They’re going to do real big things.”

Enzo is a multi-talented artist: “I’ve been writing and drawing since I was five years old.” While he has been drawing for at least 20 years, tattooing is something he has just gotten into. Evidenced by his work, Tommy is a quick learner. Also by the sound of it, he certainly does not lack confidence.

“This tattoo I got coming up: my friend wants a ‘Strange Music’ logo on his back It’s going to be awesome. Definitely going to be one of the coolest ‘Strange Music’ tattoos that exists.”

Tommy currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and can be reached at