Krizz Kaliko’s Juggalo Love [Social]

May 15 2011

There is no shortage of love for the Juggalos lately. While the fans may split over how to receive members of the dedicated subculture, Strange Music artists have been showing nothing but appreciation. Krizz Kaliko recently took to Twitter to address the Juggalos regarding his new S.I.C. EP, and even stood up for them in regard to the recent article from Joshua Errett that bashed their entire existence. Kaliko has always embraced the Juggalos and their love for Strange Music, so it comes as no surprise to see him be so vocal about his fans. After all, Krizz Kaliko loves the “Freaks”.

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Krizz Kaliko gets set to drop his EP S.I.C. on May 17! Sure to jump start your summer, S.I.C. gives fans a taste of the continuing evolution of Strange Music’s resident genius! With tracks like “Immortal” and “Medicine”, S.I.C. will definitely find a home in your summer playlist. T his EP won’t be available in stores, so be sure to preorder your autographed copy today!