My Favorite Merch: Tech N9ne Red Football Jersey [Merch]

May 14 2011

With a big number 9 on the front and back, Tech N9ne logo across the shoulders, and the Strange Music emblem, this clean stitched jersey is as good as they come. Certainly an item that any Tech fan would love to wear. It’s the type of jersey you would wear while hitting the town with your boys for a night of KC Teas. Rock it like you would rock your favorite football player. This jersey is nothing but straight flair and when you’re rocking it the haters will do nothing but glare while his lady is stuck in stare. This jersey is the best way to show your admiration to the Kansas City King as a Technician. If you’re the type to sag your dickies and wear those big jerseys this is most definitely one that needs to be added to your collection. Click here to purchase your very own!

Strange Music offers the finest apparel and merchandise always made with the highest quality fabrics available. With the same standard of excellence that goes into making the music that fans have grown to love, Strange Music pulls no stops in making top-notch merchandise available for wearing to the shows, on the streets, or wherever you go.