‘Fuck Food’ Featuring Lil Wayne And T-Pain [Song]

Jun 2 2011

“Hunterish”, “Fuck Food” takes on a life of its own from the opening Gothic arrangement. T-Pain’s signature auto tune vocals open the track, layering over the choir like sample in the background. Building up to Tech N9ne’s first verse, the medieval sounds of “Fuck Food” create a devilish atmosphere that eventually finds its place with a loop of the choir vocals. Hitting off syllables in an expected solid first verse, Tech spits an impressive flow highlighted by his compacted rhymes. T-Pain’s background vocals during Tech’s verse help give the track an addicting R&B twist.

Handling the hook, T-Pain’s auto tune comes out in full force. He elegantly sings in varying notes before unleashing a completely unexpected rapid fire assault. The diversity of the hook takes it all over the musical spectrum, and allows “Fuck Food” to take advantage of its already unconventional structure. Showing no lack of confidence, Weezy steps in for the second verse with a laid back flow that contrasts Tech’s aggressive delivery. Wayne’s game is on point as he flows:

Uh, cuz I’m a nasty mothafucka
yeah, I eat that pussy like the last suppa
yeah, I beat that pussy like brass knuckles
yeah, she call me daddy and she scream uncle”

Wayne wastes no time in picking up the pace and dropping a speedier flow towards the end of his verse. Overall, Wayne’s swag comes out in spades on this demonic anthem. The high point of “Fuck Food” comes during the third verse when Tech brings the most aggressive and unique flow of the song. Accented by Wayne’s ad libs and dubs, the third verse gives “Fuck Food” a fitting end.

Creating a world of sexual taboos, “Fuck Food” shocks listeners with its content. Tech’s world of S&M is met by Wayne’s lighter, yet hardcore approach to carnal lust. Coupled with T-Pain’s strong vocals, “Fuck Food” lives up to the hype, and gives fans a high caliber collaboration that will mark the beginning of bigger things for Tech N9ne.

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