HearHearMusic.com Reviews ‘All 6′s And 7′s’

Jun 11 2011

The word of mouth is quickly spreading for Tech N9ne’s All 6s’ And 7’s. Deeply rooted in Tech’s own struggles with family and fans, All 6’s And 7’s is easily one of his most triumphant albums. Taking a shot at reviewing the album, HearHearMusic.com offered their thoughts on the epic release:

“With 24 tracks, there are about 24 different styles of rap here with dozens of contributions from rappers and singers. In all honesty, Tech himself is still the highlight, orchestrating a compulsive array of soundscapes that reflects the inner struggles of his own head. You’ll need a lyric sheet to keep up to what he spits, but you don’t even need to listen word for word. Most of the time, you can feel it in the masterfully crafted beats and in the passion of his delivery.”

As Tech’s most diverse album, All 6’s And 7’s is finding its way into every corner of the music industry. There is no telling how far it will reach before all is said and done.

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