10 Reasons To Buy The New Kutt Calhoun Football Jersey [Merch]

Jul 6 2011

As recently announced, a brand new Kutt Calhoun football jersey has been released on the All 6’s And 7’s Tour. The brand new item is currently only available on tour, but has quickly become a best seller. Strange Music is known for delivering some of the most quality jerseys around, and with this latest one, fans can’t wait to get their hands on it. Still, we understand there may be some of you who haven’t yet decided if this particular jersey is right for you. Well, no worries because we’ve got you covered with 10 reasons to buy the new Kutt Calhoun Jersey! Check it out below:

1) Strange Music jerseys are made from some REALLY good quality material. These things could probably survive a shark attack. (Ok, maybe not, but they’re pretty tough)

2) It features the best Kutt Calhoun logo ever released. Just full of awesome.

3) Do you see the size of that Strange Music logo on the back?!?! Seriously, it’s huge!

4) These things are selling fast, and there is no doubt that they will soon be rare. Really, they’re selling like hotcakes…if hotcakes had sweet logos all over them.

5) If you’re a Kutt Calhoun fan, you’ve just got to have this. It’s the ultimate centerpiece to a Kutt Calhoun collection.

6) Not a football fan? Who cares, it’s just the style. Go play cricket in this thing for all we care.

7) Kutt Calhoun is known for being a ladies man. How do you think he got that way? It certainly wasn’t by wearing Wu-Tang Wear from 1995.

8 ) Did we mention how badass those logos are?

9 ) Your girlfriend would probably look pretty hot wearing just this.

10) Going to that VIP meet and greet that you’ve been waiting for? This is the perfect item to have signed by the man himself.

Strange Music offers the finest apparel and merchandise always made with the highest quality fabrics available. With the same standard of excellence that goes into making the music that fans have grown to love, Strange Music pulls no stops in making top-notch merchandise available for wearing to the shows, on the streets, or wherever you go.

Have you purchased one yet? What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts below!