‘All 6′s and 7′s – The Tour’- Colorado Springs, CO [Update]

Jul 1 2011

The All 6’s And 7’s Tour took over Colorado Springs for two back to back sold out shows at the Black Sheep on June 29 and June 30. Not slowing down one bit, Stevie Stone, ¡Mayday!, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, and Kutt Calhoun hit the sold out crowds with some fan favorites including “Midwest Explosion”, “Anxiety”, and “Hood Gone Love It”. Colorado is said to have some of the wildest crowds for Tech N9ne shows, and on both nights, they lived up to it. The Kansas City King extended his reign to Colorado Springs with a headlining performance that saw the return of hits like “This Ring”, “Come Gangsta”, and “Welcome To The Midwest”. Once again proving their love for Tech N9ne and Strange Music, Colorado Springs came out in full force for two nights of absolute mayhem.

Facebook reactions:

“black sheep concert was off the chain! keep doin u tech, strange music is off the hook, everyone! good shit tech. keep up”

“tech u fuckin killed it..best concert..front row..THA SPRINGS FUCKIN LOVES ♥ TECH N9NE..n all u strange music mutha fuckers we ♥ U!!”


“damn tech that concert was bomb dude haha!!!! especailly when areola came on hell ya”

Twitter reactions:

Fan Review

Kevin Chavez
Black Sheep
Colorado Springs CO

So for it being my fourth Tech N9ne concert, I was sure that nothing else could possibly suprise me… I was wrong. Starting out waiting in line since 12:00 pm, there was five people ahead of me waiting. With me I brought one twisted up joint, and a bottle of water. While waiting in line I thought I’d be generous and offer up my joint to any of the five people ahead of me. They looked at me as if I just offered them a shot of heroin and said ” We dont smoke pot..” At that point I felt angry, embarresed and shocked! For one, who lives in colorado, listens to Tech N9ne, and dont smoke ganja? Anyway, I got over that after smoking half of it to myself, making sure I cough really loud on every hit. So about three hours go past and Tech’s tour buses start showing up. Aderneline started to pump just by the thought that our KOD was inside one of those buses. Come to find out he wasnt in any of them. He was in an umarked car headed back from the signing at Independent Records From out of nowhere, this grey, 2003, roughed up grand am pulls up. For a breif second i think, what if Tech pulled up in that? Sure enough, out hops the number one independent rapper in the world, Tech N9ne. Even after seeing him four times I still get amped up, so I shoot to my feet n yelled “When I say Tech you say N9ne…” He looked over, gave me a salute, and then he was of to his tour bus to grub on some pizza. Speed up five hours and they are finally letting people in. Just before I can get inside a flock of dime-peices rushes to the front of the line and then are excorted by security inside. I thought, gosh I would love to be famous. When I got inside I pretty much sprinted to the front, and latch on to the stage. This was going to be the closest ive ever been, I was determined to hold this spot down for the entire night, and that is what did. From the very begining there was pushing and shoving. This 35+ years old lady was trying to fight some 16 year old for a closer spot. All this happening before Tech came on mind you. Im drenched in sweat, legs weak, back hurts, but I completely forget about any discomforts as soon as Tech hit the stage. The crowed erupted when he stormed the stage, kicking it off with demons, and world wide choppers ( my fav ). The 90 or so mins Tech rocked the stage only felt like 20 mins. Mid-way through his set I was dying of thrist, so I yelled, “Im fucking thirsty!!” Thank god Kaliko heard me, he rushed up to their monster cooler and gave me a monster!! By far the most tastiest monster Ive ever drank. Tech ended with his usual Ima Playa. After the show I was legally deaf, in both ears, for two days.

Tech once again, out did himself. His shows live are like no other. We feed off his energy, he feeds off our energy. I call it a balanced relationship.

Strange Music for life, Tech N9ne till death!

Tech N9ne Colorado SpringsTech N9ne Colorado Springs

Tech N9ne With Fan Rachel In Colorado SpringsNever thought meeting Tech would be a life changing experience.He is amazing at what he does. So laid back but yet so Alive. Meeting him in person was so breath taking, he always on my mind. He certainly stayed up n can’t wait for more of his music…..