Happy Birthday Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin!

Jul 6 2011

Strange Music has now been going 11 years strong, has formed a new model of success in the music business, and is quickly becoming one of the most admired entities in the entertainment industry.

Today, one of the men greatly responsible for this success celebrates his birthday: Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin.

With a sharp eye for business and a tireless drive to make Strange Music a worldwide force to be reckoned with, Travis O’Guin has partnered with Tech N9ne to create an independent music label from his own basement and has turned it into an juggernaut that has impacted the charts and the touring circuit in ways that no company has before. With the unyielding focus that built this movement, you can only be assured that the best has yet to come for Strange Music.

Wish a Happy Birthday to Travis O’Guin below!