Jay Rock Speaks On ‘Life’s A Gamble’ Music Video [SM Exclusive]

Jul 13 2011

In between Meet and Greets and his busy promotional schedule, we were able to catch up with Jay Rock to find out more about the direction of the music video for “Life’s A Gamble”.

The concept of the video is simple, but to hear it in Jay Rock’s words is illuminating regardless. While it’s obvious he’s making a drop, the imagery of Jay Rock alone in his vehicle reflects on the man himself.

“As you can see I’m putting something in the trunk, taking a ride, making a drop off, riding solo and doing what I do. Just vibing.”

Jay Rock and director Dave Free jointly came up with the concept of the video. Jay Rock says that he is often involved with the creation of a music video from the conceptual stage.

Jay Rock gives his most telling statement by revealing what the song “Life’s A Gamble” means to him:

“Basically ‘Life’s A Gamble’ means you control your own life. As you go through certain situations, life is like a gamble–like a game in Las Vegas. Sometimes people win, sometimes they lose, sometimes you win, lose, or draw. Same thing with life: sometimes life is like a gamble with the choices you make.”

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